Tuesday, March 30, 2010

2010 Clinics Underway

The first two clinics were a great success with enthusiastic participants stoked with the outcome and returning for more. The first clinic featured Scott Gamble who often wins local races explaining stroke technique from a canoe paddler's perspective emphasizing the upper body twist. Participants were video taped afterwards with a review session back at the Wet Feet shop. Many commented how the their stroke felt stronger. Check the video of Scott for a good mental picture.

The next clinic featured SUP innovator and industry leader Todd Bradley who brought a wealth of paddling experience specifically adapted to SUP. Todd has been across the Molokai channel 50+ times in some sort of paddle craft - lay down, one man, two man, six man, and SUP. Todd's emphasis is on efficiency and he gave a great talk with many analogies followed by one on one coaching from his jet ski. You can view a lot of Todd's tips at http://www.standuppaddlesurf.net/category/tips/

The next session on 4/17/10 will take the everyone on the downind run from Hawaii Kai to Kahala. For many it will be their first time in open water but with the safety net of jet ski support. Come out an join the fun as well as having a great learning experience.

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